• The Spelling Bee

    We have reached and impacted 1.5m children in 1,500 schools across Uganda

    The Spelling Bee is an annual competition for children with the aim of improving literacy, unlocking the children’s imagination and developing 21 st century skills such as Communication, Collaboration, and Critical thinking. Our Spelling Bee is designed to make learning fun and exciting and to enable children to learn positive words, what they mean and how they could use them in sentences.


    The Spelling Bees have become a phenomenon in Uganda, bringing a lot of excitement to children, parents and teachers alike. These competitions are igniting the children’s curiosity to read, are building their confidence and teaching them important life skills such as teamwork, studying and goal setting.


    We conduct 4 different versions of Spelling Bee, thus:

    • Local Language Spelling Bee (P.3 pupils)
    • English Spelling Bee (P.4 - P.6 pupils)
    • Sign Language Spelling Bee (P.4 - P.6 pupils)
    • Secondary School Spelling Bee (S.1 - S.4)
    • enjuba Super Spellers - TV Game Show on UBC TV, Saturday 6:20 pm 


    Register your Child for enjuba Super Spellers Season 2, a TV game show

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    Improving literacy and developing key life skills

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