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    We believe that teachers are the most powerful people in the world, and we know that the success of our children is directly tagged to the effectiveness of the teachers. For students to learn, they need good teachers. Unfortunately, a growing body of evidence suggests that the learning crisis in Uganda is, at its core, a teaching crisis.


    Given the essential role that teachers play, addressing the learning crisis in Uganda and beyond requires supporting teachers, who are the single most important driver of how much students learn in school.


    We designed a teacher training program that focusses on equipping the teacher with the tools and skills they need to be effective. This is because our education system is paying little attention to what teachers know, what they do in the classroom and how they do it, and in some cases, whether they even show up. The program empowers the teacher to be a key influencer in his classroom, as well as enabling him to co-create with the learners, a firm academic and social foundation.

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