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    This triumphant story and charming illustrations will make readers of all ages smile—and cheer on little girls with big dreams.


    Amani is a delightful story. It was fun reading it to some of the kids in my neighborhood who recently moved here from Uganda. Quite a transition from Uganda to west Texas! The look on the kids' faces as they recognized so many familiar sights in the book was heartwarming. Amani, what a great role model for these kids!


    Amani is an inspiring story that has lessons of gender equality woven into a uniquely Ugandan storyline. If you've been to Uganda this book will make you smile with the memories that it triggers. I think it's really important for kids to be able to read about role models within their local context, Amani (and the other books by SmartToto) do just that. Great story, thank you!

    I love indigenous books that help children all over the world understand important, universal life lessons. This charming book tells a compelling, optimistic story: if each person does one small act to save the environment, a BIG change will take place

    Sharon is a girl in Uganda who is gifted at singing. She befriends an orphan girl who cannot speak and her family adopts and cherishes the girl. This book shows children how to be accepting of differences, and assertive in protesting injustice. The book is both poetic and practical, which is a wonderful combination!

    A charming addition to the Three Bears collection, this colorful, multicultural picture book delivers the familiar storyline with a positive twist about the importance of family, love, and acceptance.

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