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  • Our Culture

    We believe that we are all Responsible people. Responsible people thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom. Freedom is the necessary ingredient for innovation and this is key in our line of work. We want you to be free to take initiative. To do what is right. To be creative. To think and to go beyond the ordinary.


    We are a learning organization. We listen to feedback and we keep improving to create a world with Responsible Citizens, Authentic Leaders, and Credible Change agents. We operate on a set of values that guide our work with each other and with our beneficiries and stakeholders.


  • Our Values


    We have the courage to keep on after the excitement is gone and to do what is right not what is easy no matter the situation. We clearly articulate what you are doing or not doing. We question what is inconsistent with our values. We are respectful and say things about your colleagues that you can say to their face.


    We take ownership of our work, and manage time well. We are self motivated, consistent and reliable. We take initiative and don't wait to be told what to do. We think through our actions and outcomes. We identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms


    We shoot for the very best and give no excuse for mediocrity. We focus on daily improvements and smartly separate what must be done well now and what can be improved later. We hold ourselves to high standards and focus on accomplishing amazing amounts of important work


    RELATIONSHIPS are everything. We seek to understand before we are understood. We are curious to learn and are active listeners. We are focused on being interested than interesting. We help create the environment we need to flourish


    We plan our work and work our plan. We strive for superior results so others can rely on us. We consistently exhibit a bias to action and avoid analysis-paralysis undefined. We are tenacious


  • Open Roles

    We are not hiring at the moment. 

    However, If you are interested in volunteering at enjuba. We have some open volunteer opportunities in our literacy program, working on spelling bee, library development and fellowship program as well as data gathering.