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Why your Child should participate in the Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Team

You have probably watched the movie Akeela and the Bee and your adrenaline raced, you smiled, expected, laughed, wished, and wowed. It was a nice movie that got you feeling good, gave you a few thoughts but you probably never connected it to your child, school and grades.

Here is the real deal. Spelling Bee has come to the City near you. Your child should participate, your child’s school should sign up. This is the one game that changes everything. Your Child’s Spelling will improve; they will increase their vocabularies and will develop correct English usage.

They will then be able to learn new concepts and be able to read and write more effectively. As a result, they will score higher in exams and beyond. Their life will never be the same again. The Spelling Bee will arouse interest for reading, and in reading books; your child will discover hidden treasures that will enlarge their brains.

Through the Spelling Bee, your child will learn word etymology and country of origin, the meanings of prefixes and suffixes, and spelling rules. They will acquire knowledge and develop cognitive skills and increased understanding of ideas and values.

All this will enable your child to become more competent and gain confidence to stay in School longer and be able to aim higher. This could even change the entire landscape of our nation.

Children ages 8-15 and all backgrounds have an opportunity to participate on an equal, competitive basis and this will create a friendly, sportsmanlike competitiveness and interest that will push and excite our children to imagine, and explore possibilities of becoming better.