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The rave about enjuba Reading Camp

Pheona Nakishero

It is two weeks into the new school term and as usual, children have many stories about their holidays (term break) to share with their peers. Those that made it to the first-ever enjuba Reading Camp at our offices in Bukoto will definitely have something to rave about!

“My best part of the camp was reading so many books and making new friends,” said Havett at the end of the camp. 8-year-old Joshua said that he learned to be kind and disciplined at the camp while six-year-old Sasha was happy that she learned new words like ‘encourage’.

The reading camp, like all other enjuba programs, was deliberately crafted and executed with the next generation in mind. It was designed for 5-13-year-old children as a non-residential fun-filled learning experience. It had such activities as reading, spelling, writing, puzzles, games, singing and composing songs from the stories they read or lessons they learned and other fun learning activities.

Parents said they appreciated the reading camp because it revives the love for reading that is dwindling amongst this generation. “Children are improving greatly from the spelling training; these programs should extend to children in more disadvantaged areas,” a parent commented. Programs like the camp make children fall in love with reading, learn to spell, and to understand what they read, turning the tide that is 3 of every 4 children in Uganda cannot read and comprehend.

After hosting the camp, our workplace at enjuba will never be the same again. Their hearty laughter and screams of glee definitely lit up the office while they were here, but they also left several marks and the cutest handwritten thank-you messages on the office board.

“Teacher, are we coming back tomorrow? I wish I could come back to your office every day!” Sanyu said on the last day. How can I forget Hannah who sobbed uncontrollably because the camp had ended and her guardian was ready to take her home! We can’t wait for the next school break to host these lovely children again and set them on a journey to become responsible citizens, authentic leaders, and credible change agents.