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Spelling Bee Champions excel at PLE!

enjuba Spelling Bee champions emerged as some of the best students in their schools and districts in the recently released PLE results.

"We take pride in contributing to the performance of these children. It’s evident that every learner that participates in the spelling bee becomes confident in speech, writing and physical presentation, all while building a wider vocabulary and helping them to excel in standardised exams like PLE." William Mukisa, the Programs Director said.

"The children are exposed to the first-hand experience of critical thinking and finding quick solutions under immense pressure – which skills are necessary for any learner facing their first national exams." He added.

Alinda Adelin Byamugisha (2017 Champion) from Hillside Primary School - Naalya and Nayebare Best (Champion 2018) from Parental Care Primary School in Bushenyi both scored aggregate four (4). Others like Jehovah Jireh, Hallelujah Kyoshabire, Simon Katumwesigye and Crescent Kagyezi all from Parental Care - Bushenyi, got 5 and 6 respectively.

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Parental Care Primary School was the overall best in English at PLE! Kamurasi Demonstration School Spelling Bee Team from Masindi also did wonders. The three spellers; Trevor Mwesigwa, Rosemary Wembabazi, and Zahara Apayi scored 11, 9 and 14, respectively. These are just a few of the schools that participated in the Spelling Bee activities in 2017 and went ahead to excel in the 2018 PLE. We intend to consistently keep track of our spellers performance.

Alinda Adelin Byamugisha spelling at the 2017 enjuba National Spelling Bee Championship

Aaron Kirunda, the Chief Executive at enjuba, while commenting on the results said, "We are confident that all the Spelling Bee champions will continue to push every limit to stand out from the crowd because they see the world differently." "At enjuba, we will stop at nothing to create a conducive platform that will enable these children to grow into responsible citizens, authentic leaders, and credible change agents." He added.

The enjuba Spelling Bee now its 7th year, has been vital in helping children to get excited about going to school, staying in school and improving learning outcomes as well as developing 21st-century skills among the children.