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Second Time's a Charm

By Pheona Nakishero

· schools,COVID 19,community,education

With the second wave of COVID 19 in Uganda, we have seen schools closed and movements restricted. It seems like Deja Vu right back to 2020. It was sad to be caught unaware the first time, and many of us struggled to come to terms with the new reality and cope. 

The second lockdown is what I would call a second chance to do all over again and to do it with a purpose. We can look critically at what we could have done differently during the last lockdown and made the most of our time.

This time, we can act quickly without the initial shock. 

We got word from beneficiaries of the Enjuba Library Project - schools and community libraries - who got book donations through our partnership with the African Library Project. They are making the most of their time during the second lockdown. 

We could not help but share: 

“Now, during this lockdown, the Librarians and I have time to begin organizing the books for the libraries, so that when the kids return to the school, we have a wonderful surprise of a new library for them!” – Cathy Kreutter (Ekitangaala and Cornerstone Leadership Schools, Nakasongola)

"Thank you ever so much for entrusting JMIF Library with books. We truly do appreciate it, especially now with this new COVID lockdown." – Nakku Senkeeto (Jimmy Mugambe International Foundation Library, Kakungulu) 

Jimmy Mugambe International Foundation Library

“We have been able to sort the books and use them in small neighbourhood community mobile libraries with our staff during the lockdown. The children ARE LOVING THEM. They are a fantastic range of books to read aloud, books to read individually, nonfiction books and such high quality - thank you so much.” – Jody Spencer (Read for Life, Gulu)

Marko Lukoya Memorial Community Library, Mukono

"Since we were in lockdown, the books have helped the students keep busy with new books from the library." – Sserunjogi Rogers (Marko Lukoya Memorial Community Library, Mukono)

What are you doing with your lockdown time? Are you making it more productive than the last one? What are you doing different this time around? You know the old saying goes - Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.