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Parenting & Working during COVID19

By Lizza Kawoya

The world has now taken on a new ‘'normal,” disrupting everything. The homes we live in, represent everything. The world as we live in today is not one that we asked for, but we've had to adjust to in order to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Throughout the past two months, we have been sharing parenting tips on how to keep the family healthy and learning in our Covid19 Children and Parents’ Guide on our social media platforms. So even as we get back to work and movements are eased, don’t forget the vital activities you had with the children. Here is a summary of things you can continue to do.

Make reading fun

Children to read can help them tap into a lot of things like expanded imaginations, heightened creativity, and curiosity. We encourage you to read together with the children and ask them to share with you their imaginations. It will surely making the reading fun as you explore how the story could end and other things. Reading books in chapters or sections sparks the curiosity of children and creates a need in them to read more. At the end of a chapter or a section, ask them a few questions to inspire them to think more and communicate effectively. You can also give them some quiet reading time and add a bit of fun to it by making reading charts and lists together and maybe even creating a space specifically dedicated to reading.


  • Dedicate at least 15 minutes to read aloud for the kids.
  • Encourage children to mimic the characters in their voices.
  • Role play the characters in the books with the whole family.

Stay healthy and productive

Even as we get back to work, it will take much longer, if at all for things to get back to where they were. We need to continue to stay healthy and productive. This requires a consistent daily routine to keep you and family productive throughout the day. Remember to have breaks to stretch a little so that you do not get overwhelmed physically or mentally.

Avoid information overload by giving yourself a break from the news and social media. The sheer amount of information online about the coronavirus and other depressing things can be overwhelming. Seek for help where necessary by keeping in contact with your trusted social circles including family and friends. Remember, you are not alone. Also keep do not forget to keeping washing your hands with soap and keeping social distance.


  • Create a ’20 seconds’ hand washing song that you can sing along to with your children and add some little actions to it.
  • Don’t over schedule over work in the name of catching up. Take it slow. 

Self care and positivity:

In times like these, its important to stay grateful. Each day you can note down at least one thing you are grateful for in your life. You can teach and share this practice with your children by asking them to share with you what they are grateful for too. This not only greatly improves your perspective about the situations around you but also enables positivity to blossom in your home. This could also be the perfect time to embrace a hobby to do with your children on the weekends for fun. It could be reading, writing, dancing, gardening among others. Staying active is also important. There are lots of resources out there to support you on this journey, making exercising indoors easy. Draw up a routine that is suitable for you and also involves the family too. Incorporate nutritious meals and fruits to your daily routine.


  • Find some time for a walk and get some fresh air.
  • Talk to your neighbors and connect with them.

As we go back to work, lets not forget the lessons we have learnt during this period of staying home period. With this kind of new ‘’normal,’’ new habits have to be adopted and embraced throughout the period. Let us know how you follow through with the guide and if you have any questions, please contact us on all our social media pages @enjuba1 or email at